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Which Season Is It, Anyway?

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It’s October, time for pumpkins, colorful leaves, scarecrows …. and dancing Santa’s.

Can we please have separation of holidays?

Here goes my “back in my day” speech.

Well, back in my day, the Christmas trees didn’t come out until after we carved the turkey. Then it was no holds barred! I think my Aunt Shirley secretly had her Christmas tree decorated and hidden in the closet all year long just waiting to bring it out as soon as Halloween was over. She loved Christmas! I love it too, I just think we should wait till the appointed time — at least until November hits.

Retail stores literally have the Santa’s and Rudolph’s bumped up against the ghosts and goblins. I don’t like it. On that note, I could do without the witches and mummies standing in the aisles of every store you walk in. I want to punch the animated monsters reaching their fake spindly hands out trying to grab me.. I hate those things. I do love fall! Pumpkins with scarecrows, yellow mums and hay bales are lovely and quaint.

I’d much rather rock around the Christmas tree than watch monster movies any day. But give the halloweeners their day to have fun — wait till closer to Thanksgiving to bring out the Christmas decor. I do like the orange lights up everywhere for fall though. Christmas used to be the only season where we had festive lights – now they’re all over the place throughout the year.

If you want to decorate for Thanksgiving, good luck. It’s almost impossible to find a cardboard turkey for your table. They’re in short supply. It’s either a frankenstein or an elf — there’s no in-between these days. I guess I’ll have to go out and find some feathers and make my own turkey centerpiece. I wonder what that would end up looking like — I’m not the best at homemade creations, but I try.

I just want to enjoy my pumpkin spice latte without seeing a candy cane frappe on display too. Christmas season will get here, just be patient. I’m pleading to the Cracker Barrel’s and Wal-Mart’s of the world — chill your wheels a little. Let us relax and enjoy each season as it comes. I’m taking a stand for Thanksgiving too! I want to see some turkeys and pilgrims in the mix!

Sorry… got a little carried away there. I guess I’m a little overly enthused about keeping the seasons separate.

I’m not going to mention that I’ve already been watching Hallmark Christmas movies. We won’t talk about that…



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  1. Cynthia A. Lovely

    Love October but not creepy Halloween… or anything pumpkin flavored! And yes,they start Christmas way too early. Thanksgiving is ignored because its not about material possessions but being thankful for what you already have. On a positive note, I did hear some local stores are refusing to be open on Thanksgiving Day this year. And I totally understand watching Hallmark Christmas movies early : )

    • doublewidegal

      No pumpkin spice?! How can it really be fall with no PS….
      I think you’re right about Thanksgiving – I still love it though even if the retailers don’t. I love the history and why we celebrate it.
      Thanks for your comment, my friend!


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