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Culinary Creations in the Doublewide

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I called this one “culinary creations” because that’s what often happens when I cook — I get creative.

More specifically, I get freestyle creative.

“Free” being the operative word here.

Like when I really wanted a coconut cream pie and there wasn’t one to be found in the house. Since I was all out of fresh coconuts, I opted for making waffles instead. I think I really just wanted something sweet. I did a search for waffle recipes and found one that looked easy enough. A check in my cabinets turned up most of the ingredients, so I decided to go for it.

Time out while I explain something:  having only some of the ingredients to make food doesn’t stop me. As long as I have the key items I’ll try it!  I sort of take a recipe and make it my own. I’ll substitute different ingredients and try add-ins that sound good.

Back to my homemade waffle mix: so, I almost gave up after reading over the suggested recipe and realizing I didn’t have everything. Almost… I wanted a waffle and I would have a waffle. I could see it covered with butter and syrup. I could taste it. It would be mine.

Armed with flour, an egg, baking powder and all the other yummy stuff for my tasty creation, I whipped up the batter and poured it in my waffle maker. Then I waited. While I watched, the lid on the waffle maker started to rise.

I wasn’t expecting that.

Apparently, I had stirred up a super colossal Belgian waffle. I checked my bag of flour again to make sure it was plain and not self-rising. The online recipe didn’t mention this. Oh wait — I hadn’t followed the advice on Allrecipes. You can always expect the unexpected when you don’t follow the tried and true written instructions. However, it does keep things interesting…

The waffle maker finally clicked off. I leaned away from it as I raised the lid. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. It smelled like a waffle and, to my relief, looked like a waffle. I put it on a plate and covered it with butter and syrup. Eureka! It actually turned out to be better than the waffles I make with the commercial boxed mix. Score!!! I was pretty proud of myself. I don’t remember exactly what all I mixed up in the bowl or how much, but it was good.

My poor husband — anytime he asks what’s for supper and the reply is “I’m experimenting,” he starts to look for the pizza delivery number.

My theory is, if you have the key ingredients to build on, what can really go wrong? My homemade bread experiment turned out ok. I won’t say it was the best bread I’ve ever had, but it wasn’t the worst! It made really good toast. 🙂

This way of thinking carries over to other areas of life. Like the time my hair-do person accidentally got the color mixture for my hair a little too thin. Being the improvising, and brave, soul that I am, I suggested using a little cornstarch to thicken it up. (yes, this concoction was going on my head) We tried it. It worked. I walked out of there looking well coifed and oh, so chic. Did I mention that I’m brave?  My hair motto: it’ll grow back!

But I digress – back to the food. This particular creation is not an original one, but it is something we used to fix when I was growing up. It’s really easy and helps make sure no donuts will ever go to waste again! All you need is some butter, a frying pan and stale Krispy Kremes! Any glazed donut will work, but there’s something about those yummy krispity creations.

So, you heat the pan and let the butter melt away. Then add the donuts and fry until they start to brown and the sugar caramelizes a little. There you have it – those little brown pillows of buttery sweetness are ready to enjoy! Surely this is a glimpse of heaven on earth.

Ok, so I’m hungry for one now and I don’t have any donuts. Maybe I can make some — I wonder if I have the right ingredients…



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