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Redneck Rooms To Go

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So, the Doublewide husband has outdone himself. I think. Let me explain.

This all started a couple of months ago. When hunting season rolls around, there’s a small flurry of activity to gather up the necessary equipment. All the camo clothing in the house has to be washed in special detergent that apparently makes you smell like a deer so the real deer can’t detect you. Or at the very least, you smell like a tree.

Let’s pause for reflection. I thought that was the whole idea – wearing camo so you look like a tree. Then deer will somehow associate you as being part of the landscape and not realize you’re there until it’s too late. I guess smelling like a tree is important too. I’ll get to doe urine a little later.

Well, I guess we could go ahead and talk about that now. Did you know they actually sell the stuff? I’m not really sure I get it, but I think using doe urine is important when trying to lure a 7 point buck close enough to shake hands. It’s a little like what a girl does when she’s “fixing up” to go out on the town to find a guy, except this is in the middle of the woods with snack crackers and potted meat, and you don’t necessarily go in pairs to the bathroom. In this scenario the intended male ends up being shot. Now for all you animal lovers who may be reading this — I love animals too, but this is a Southern male thing. It’s a tradition. My dad hunted, my uncles hunted – everybody either used to hunt or they still do. I still have memories of deer heads hanging throughout my aunt’s house. Note: Deer eyes will follow you around a room, no matter which chair you sit in while trying to visit and find out how everybody’s doing.

My husband and his brother are like two girls getting ready for the spring prom. First they plot out their strategy, discuss which places are best to go and when they’re likely to actually go to the woods. Then they spend time texting and calling each other in the meantime. An early morning Waffle House stop on the way to the hunting destination goes without saying. I think that’s an unwritten rule of hunters everywhere.

In the process of all this getting ready to go out and fool the animals so  you can bring home dinner and a trophy, it’s important to consider every detail. Part of that includes a place to sleep should you decide to stay overnight in the woods. This is where my husband’s backwoods ingenuity comes in. Tent camping is one way to do it. Or you could build your own rolling room that will go  just about anywhere you might need a night’s lodging.

So, my husband (who I think may, in some way, be kin to the Duck Dynasty gang) decided to recycle pieces and parts to put this thing together. An old trailer frame with wheels, leftover siding from our neighbor, some extra particle board from another project, foam insulation and some new lumber all came together to  become what is now parked on the back 40 – a small rolling room that can be used for a hunting trip in the woods, or extra room should a death in the family bring in out of town guests. It’s a win-win!

This mobile Motel 6 has almost all the comforts of home — two wooden cots that clip to the wall when not being used, a propane heater,  plastic lights you can push on and off, a card table bungeed to the wall between meals and a couple of plastic yard chairs. What more could you ask for? Well, plumbing is not included. But when you’re in the woods you kind of expect to have to balance against a tree anyway. Camping in the back yard? No problem — the house isn’t too far away. I guess we could install an outhouse  in the back there somewhere, but I’ve used one in my day and they’re no fun (that’s another blog topic). This thing really is a redneck’s paradise.


Redneck Rolling Room

They haven’t actually taken it out in the woods yet, but we sat in it a couple of times to test the heat holding capability. The real test will not even be seeing how it does with  freezing temps overnight in the middle of nowhere. Let’s see what happens they have to withstand each other’s snoring in the small confines of that box.

Film at 11.



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