Think about it for a minute - love somebody else as much as we love ourselves....that's a whole lotta love! We tend to treat ourselves pretty well.  I know I don't let many meals go by and I'm always finding a reason to "treat" myself to a doughnut or iced coffee. You know those little reasons -- I got to work on time - "treat!"  I fed the dog -- "treat!"  I didn't snap my husband's head off today-- "treat!"  Some people buy jewelry -- I buy food.


So, is God telling me to give everybody my cinnamon doughnut?  No. Then what? How do I do the love thing?


It's pretty simple. So here goes - here's my take on it. We just simply love without barriers or conditions. That part's not always easy, but it's how every Christian is commanded to live. We. simply. love. It's letting God live through us -- letting Him reach out and embrace somebody that your flesh may not want to embrace. It's allowing Him to accomplish His work through you. And that's not as hard as you might think. You don't really have to do anything -- just be willing. Be willing no matter what friends and family may advise. (and we know their advice is not always so good -- like when they tell you to go ahead and buy that big ol camper, when you really only need a weekend away in Gatlinburg. It costs less and you don't have to make the bed!)   These things are between you and Jesus.  I know if He tells me to do something ... you better bet I'm gonna do it.


So, keep that in mind as you go through the day. And remember, it's not a law -- just my viewpoint!