The South has been my home since birth -- Tennessee, to be exact. And though I may be called a "product of the South” ... I like to think of it a little differently.


I'm an offspring of a long line of Scots-Irish and English with a little Cherokee mixed in for good measure. That conglomeration alone explains a lot...


I am a little Martha, Helen and Abe, sprinkled with Aunt Annie, Nina, Bobbie, Shirley, Faye, Irene, Lucille and Sarah.  I'm a combination of Tom and Nancy.  They passed down family traits - and some Pentecostal too. I'm country with a tiny bit of redneck -- traditional (pass the cornbread and cowboy boots, please) and quirky.

On my never ending conveyor belt of ideas,

         these are some of the things I aspire to be:

Novelist -- I will eventually finish the novel that I've been working on for ___ years. I'll fill in the blank when I get it done. I did, however, publish a children's book. Does that count?


Filmmaker -- will make film of said novel, plus a few other things along the way.


Photographer -- I've dabbled a bit here and there --  the coveted first place photo prize at the county fair will be mine before it's over!


Duet partner with Alan Jackson -- I've sung in church choirs and a

 trio or two -  now all that's left is meeting Alan and setting up my audition.


 Well, those are a few goals I felt led to share.  At this rate,

I won't have time to get old or die! It's a straight

trip to heaven -- do not pass "Go" ... no stopping at the funeral parlor.


Oh yeah -- I live in a double-wide.

Mary Grace